Fethiye is quite important in terms of alternative tourism activities all over the place. A variety of sports, nature tourism activities have emerged as an alternative to a large area of ​​Fethiye, beautiful nature, structure, shed light on the nature lovers, both visually and culturally.

Rüzgar Sörfü – Kite

Our hotel is very close to the center of Calis Beach Surfing. Windsurfing or kite (kite) surfing, an ideal place for those who want to learn or do. Courses are accompanied by an experienced and licensed instructors. Every year, from Europe, especially Switzerland, Germany and the UK wind buff many people come to learn windsurfing or kite surfing. Wind enthusiasts who want to learn the sport, experienced and licensed instructors after the blizzard of meeting the objectives of a study for at least 3 hours ...

Fethiye wind, starting in March, continuing until the end of October .... Thermal wind and sea currents ... a highly organized, cliffs, sand dunes, sea, not the mother. Vessel traffic. Caretta-caretta sea turtles in the protected area.


1,975-meter-high peaks of Mount Babadag, rich and common points to be carried out paraşütü.Termik slope, rising sea after takeoff even staying on the property wealth of the surrounding vegetation, beautiful Oludeniz insatiable scene, many of the seafront and a descending slope Babadag, paragliding center is unbeatable.

Babadag, on the fourth runway and Fethiye, Oludeniz and Esen an interesting alternative to the valley of the dominant position of tourism in the world, because the whole movement. Over the world for paragliding so close to the sea and has a convenient location to another. The end of April, paragliding activity may continue until the end of October. Tanımınına this sport in our country, which has a great effect in Fethiye.


ölüdeniz yamaç paraşütü

( DIVING ) :

By a large number of Fethiye travel agency for Tourism Ministry of Tourism and Sports of diving tours can be arranged by obtaining the Permit. In addition the Ministry of Tourism Management certified diving schools also organizes tours on-site diving resorts. The rich flora and fauna, and those who want to explore the bottom of the mysterious sea diving training, and fitness as well as the opportunity to take pictures of Fethiye, favorable climate conditions, this activity be conducted twelve months.

scuba dive


fethiye pansiyonları


Alternative tourism activities organized by travel agencies in the daily, weekly walking tours participants to see the rich animal and plant communities, know the culture and nature intertwined with living in rural areas, away from the stressful environment of contemporary life chances captures ...

ölüdeniz otelleri


Located in Fethiye, travel agencies, tours to perform difficult barriers to overcome the different routes, the number of those accessing the mysterious beauty of wild nature and increasing every day, which attracts people of all ages are being used in this activity.


In recent years, the district is starting to see more interest in alternative sport horse riding. Especially in the vicinity of Ovacik, starting Kayaköy and a diverse and interesting than the thrill ride tattırmaktadır nature lovers. Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea, the route reached horseback ride is considered to be an opportunity not to be missed.


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