Belcekız Gezilecek Yerler - Belcekız Tarihi Mekanlar

5th century, the area used to be inhabited from the Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Pergamum kingdom of Lycia, Menteşeoğulları and the Ottoman Empire was homeland.

Belcekız'ı name is based on a legend. Here I used the ships would come ashore in small boats to get drinking water. One day, the son of a captain, when the shore Belcekız'ı sees the beautiful living here are in love with each other. He had to return to the ship boy, but negotiate when it comes to water. This civardayken ship on a stormy day, the captain was about to crash into the rocks, the sea throws her son, adheres to the wheel and fall into a cove as the sea bed linen. The boy died there. If Belcekız threw himself on the rocks, the rocks will die. Belcekız where she died after that day, the boy died in the place called Oludeniz.