Paspatur is the name of the region are experiencing the nightlife of Fethiye. Here, restaurants, clothing stores, souvenir vendors, such as found in many workplaces. Here you will remain as a memory of a beautiful holiday dinner.
After eating your meal, a ride height recommend to exit the cord. Here you can collect information for the next day's trips. sip your coffee accompanied by music.
If you have enough time to look down on you if you want to Fethiye Town Karagözler should exit. Fethiye sit at a table in that area that the municipality can watch the roadsides.
One of the many gift shops in Paspatur
There's a saying in Fethiye that once you taste the water of Paspatur, the place will be in your heart and you will always want to return to Fethiye, wherever you may be. Well, the first time we came to Fethiye on our holidays, we spent a lot of time in this area and certainly drank a lot of liquid here, albeit of the alcoholic variety, in the form of the great Turkish beer, Efes Pilsen. We've been Paspatur addicts ever since. Is that because of the 'water' or just because the old town is just a great, chilled place to be?

This is an out and out plug for this beautiful corner of Fethiye because, for a few reasons I think, it often gets overlooked. Wherever you go in the world, if there is an 'old town' you will see signposts galore pointing you in the right direction. Well, burası Fethiye (this is Fethiye) and you will not see a single sign anywhere.

One of the many shaded streets of Pasaptur
If you read Turkey's For Life a lot, you will know that we are huge supporters of markets. However, the first two times we came to Fethiye on holiday, we never ventured anywhere near the markets and didn't even entertain the idea. The main reason? We were in Fethiye in the height of summer. Why on earth would we want to walk around a huge, hot market when we could be sat by the pool or enjoying the cooling shade of Paspatur - okay then - and an ice-cold Efes. Also, we do go to the markets for our fruit and veg and in this weather, we have been known to get tetchy with each other - we've all been there!

So, if you're ever in Fethiye in the height of summer and you can't face the market, you'll get everything you need in Paspatur and you'll be in welcome shade, away from the crowds. There are loads of bars restaurants, cafes and snack bars in Paspatur too...but that's another day of photograph taking and another post.