Kelebekler Vadisi 


The Valley of Butterflies is one the most beautiful bays of fethiye. Located on a flat level ot ten hectares at the foot of a sleep and deep valley. Like an open-air museum, exhibiting oil species of butterflies living at sea level araund the Medifenanean, one can follow the life span of 30 different daytime bulterflies as well as 40 night-flying moths, tor nine to ten months of the year, starting with the spring The Valley of Butterflies may be rached by service boats from Olüdeniz, as well as by flying with parapante from the 1975 meter-high Babadag.

There is no overnight accommodation in the valley since construction is not permitted, but it is possible to stay in tents or in wooden sheds covered with shrubs and leaves. After enjoying a swim in the turguise w'alers of the tiny cove, a surprise awaits those taking a walk among the rich flora. Two small waterfalls Is at the end of steep and high cliffs seem like a delightful heaven. In recent years, this region has been included in the trekking route along the Lycian road. A small resturant in the valley provides food and beverage.


The fauna in the Valley of Butterflies at Fethiye is similar to that in Rhodes. It is a great pleasure to watch the Jersey tiger Butterflies, which are of special interest for lovers of nature, as well as for researchers of flora and fauna, in this paradise right along the torguise-colored sea wafer. A project is under way to protect the site and present this beauty to researchers and tourists in better conditions. With the establishment of a butterfly museum as well as a research institute, laying the foundations of echo-tourism, the Valley of Butterflies will be an immortal natural heaven. In the "Valley of Butterflies" you can re-discover Fethiye, which is the shining light of the echo-world.