Welcome to Oludeniz Beach Turkey. Here in this mediterrenean beach resort you`ll find everything you could ever want.

Beautiful sun drenched beaches, deep turquoise blue sea and nothing but sun shine for all year around...

Olu Deniz, a beautiful inland bay that stretches behind the cape, is now closed to yachts. The reason this heavenly place is called Olu deniz ("Sea of the Dead") is attributed to the following legend;

Once a father and son were caught in a storm here and were in danger of sinking. The son claimed that if they approached the rocks ashore they could take shelter in a cove.
The father on the other hand asserted that their ship would be driven onto the rocks and break up and that there were no coves around here anyway. In his terror of running around on the rocks, the father knocked his son (who was at the helm) into the sea with an oar and took over the helm himself. Just as the ship was about to hit the rocks on the cape, she turned into this calm, smooth watered bay. This is the reason they say the bay is called the Sea of the Dead, whereas what with the pine clad sandy beach stretched out like a tongue, the name "Paradise Bay" would be more fitting
The Blue Lagoon of Olu deniz has calm, crytal clear waters which makes it ideal for a variety of water sports and a very safe place for children to swim. Part of the lagoon is now a protected area (and it`s a national park).

Oludeniz Beach is surely one of the best beaches in the world. Such clean warm turquoise waters, countless shades of blue, perfect white shingle sand and nothing but sunshine for most of the year - so come and discover it yourself...

But Oludeniz is not the only beach in this part of the Turquoise Coast, there are other beatiful beaches in the surronding areas

Kidrak - also known as the Paradise Beach -only 2 km away from Oludeniz - can be reached with half an hour walk - is much more secluded and quiter than Oludeniz.

Butterfly Beach can only be reached from Oludeniz by boat - there is basic accommodation on the beach - tents and tepees - and a small restautant.